About us

Our coalition’s executive committee brings together leaders and organizations with subject matter expertise, on-the-ground experience, and proven track records of  winning game-changing campaigns in the District.

DC Action for Children

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DC Action for Children was founded in 1992 by stakeholders concerned about the deteriorating conditions for DC’s children. They formed the nonprofit DC Action for Children to help break the cycle of poverty through early interventions in the lives of DC’s youngest children.

In its first two decades, DC Action for Children worked to improve outcomes for children by focusing on a broad array of issues, including early care and education, child welfare, child health and youth development.

Today, with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to become the home of DC KIDS COUNT, DC Action is the primary source of data on conditions and outcomes for all children and youth in DC. We work closely with city agencies, the school system and providers to get the most accurate and timely data and make it clear and accessible to all on our website. The data from DC KIDS COUNT drives our programmatic, evaluation and advocacy work.


DC Early Learning Collaborative


The DC Early Childhood Education Collaborative is an alliance of over 100 education professionals, organizations, and coalitions working together to advocate for improved public policy, public investment and cross sector service delivery capacity. The overarching goal is to help produce and sustain a seamless continuum of high-quality programs and services that result in positive outcomes for all of the city's young children and their families.


DC Fiscal Policy Institute

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The DC Fiscal Policy Institute promotes opportunity and widespread prosperity for all residents of the District of Columbia through thoughtful policy solutions.

DCFPI influences DC budget and policy decisions to reduce poverty and income inequality and to give residents the opportunity for a secure economic future. We accomplish this through research and analysis, direct engagement with policymakers, and strategic partnerships with other organizations and individuals.

Essential to accomplishing our mission, DCFPI also furthers ways to make DC public services more effective and to ensure the workings of DC government are open and accountable to the public.


DC Working Families


We build progressive power to fight for racial and economic justice to win an economy that works for all of us and a democracy in which every voice matters. Since launching in 2013, we have run a variety of electoral and legislative campaigns that have delivered real results for families across the District. Among other efforts, between 2015 and 2016 we launched, ran, and won the fight for a $15 minimum wage, successfully raising wages for 127,000 hardworking families in DC. The following year, we led the effort to pass the DC Fair Elections Act, resulting in the country’s most ambitious program for the public financing of elections.


Jews United for Justice


We mobilize Jews and the Jewish community to move our region closer to social, racial, and economic justice by advancing campaigns for immediate and concrete improvements in people’s lives. In all cases, we seek to work in partnership with organizations made up of and/or accountable to those who have personal experience with the challenges we are hoping to address. We have helped win higher minimum wages, paid family leave, police accountability, affordable housing, and many other progressive policies. We continue to move resources and power into the hands of people of color who have been systematically blocked out of the political process to benefit the ultra-wealthy and their interests.


Safe Places for Advancement for Community and Equity In Action (SPACES In Action)

We work to reverse and eliminate the generational effects of race, racism, and poverty. We do this through a creative combination of organizing, leadership development, and cultural work. Our organization uses an interdisciplinary social justice model that unleashes the capacity of people and organizations to create communities of HOPE (Healing, Opportunity, and Possibility for Everyone). Through this work, we create a “space” where real listening happens, where there isn’t a rush to get through an agenda or to make a decision, and where the goal is to converse not convince.


Full list of coalition partners forthcoming